About Chronos Therapeutics

What We Do

Chronos is an Oxford-based biotechnology company operating a semi-virtual R&D model to develop a portfolio of therapies in degenerative and behavioral brain diseases. The team utilises a network of industry-leading contract research organisations to develop NCE’s and repurpose existing launched drugs. Chronos also has a dedicated laboratory in Oxford which screens for activity of drugs in brain disease through its proprietary platform, Chronoscreen™

Our Focus

Degenerative and Behavioural Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System via:

Acquisition, discovery and development of novel proprietary lead candidates.
Repositioning FDA/EMA approved drugs.



Specific areas we target:

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
Other Neurological Diseases
Addictive Behaviour



The team has decades of broad ranging expertise in research, drug discovery, drug development, regulatory approval, pricing, commercialisation and financing.


Chronos Therapeutics is addressing the many unmet medical needs through screening, discovery, repositioning and acquisition.

At Chronos Therapeutics we work hard to develop much-needed medication for degenerative and behavioural diseases of the brain and nervous system.

The Chronos team combines the highest quality scientific knowledge with corporate insights to create a fast-paced environment supporting the Company strategy.

Chronos Therapeutics is always interested to acquire additional knowledge and support within its different teams. If you think you have what it takes to work with us and add to the corporate culture of rapid discovery, diversity, and creativity, we are keen to hear from you.

Email us at info@chronostherapeutics.com.


We are constantly evaluating new opportunities for in-licensing and are also open to collaborations on our existing portfolio. If you would like to discuss collaboration please send an e-mail to businessdevelopment@chronostherapeutics.com

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